Raising Chickens

Recapturing a Swarm

July 6, 2014

Recapture Swarm Title

Last spring, my husband I went to a Bee Club meeting where a guest speaker was to speak all about swarming. Why do bees swarm? How do you know they are going to swarm? What can you do to prevent this? How to recapture a swarm?  I remember having a small panic attack at the beginning of the meeting because I started feeling as though swarming was inevitable. Then members of the peanut gallery began sharing these bizarre swarming stories and I really freaked. But then, the speaker showed us a power point of swarms he had recaptured and that seemed manageable. THEN he gave us some tips for preventing swarms, and I my blood pressure returned to normal. Phew, it was never something WE would never have to worry about, as long as we practiced good hive management. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Let’s start at the beginning…

What is a…

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